We deal with the Pricing Procedure for vendors.
PB00 Gross Price (info record, contract, scheduled Agreement)
PBXX Gross Price (PO)
FRA1 Freight
RA00 Discount on net
RA01 Discount on Gross
ZA00 Surcharge on net
SKT0 Surcharge / discount
ZPB0 Rebates
MWVS Input Tax
MWAS Output Tax
BASB Base Amount
RM0000 Calculation Schema or Pricing Procedure
(PB00 & PBXX)
RM0002 Calculation Schema or Pricing Procedure
PB00 --> AB00
Copy the Standard one and create new one (ours)
RM0000 contains all the condition types

Pricing Procedure (PP)

We define the pricing procedure to define condition supplement for the material price. The condition supplement specifies the discount, surcharge, freight etc that we want a system every time to access material price condition records.
The total value of the material is calculated or based on all addition and subtraction i.e. discounts, surcharge, tax freight etc

Condition Table
It is a table, which defines the structure of condition record key.
Condition Record
It is a data record used to store conditions or condition supplements, i.e. condition like, discount, freight, and surcharge, Tax etc.
Condition Type
It is used for different functions. In Pricing the condition types leads you to differentiate different types of discounts, in output determination, batch determination, difference between two output types, such as delivery note or order confirmation, between different strategy types
Access Sequence
It specifies the order in which system searches or access the condition records from condition table

Difference between PB00 & PBXX
1. Condition maintained in PB00 is time dependent whereas PBXX is time independent.
2. Condition type PB00 – used for IR, RFQ, Contract, Schedule Agreement
Condition type PBXX – used for PO.

Calculation Schema
The main function of calculation schema is to provide framework of steps for the price determination process to specify the discounts, surcharge, freight rebate etc.
It also determines the sequence of conditions that are to be followed and in which sequence.

Schema Group Vendor
The main function of it is to identify or to pick the right process and conditions for a particular vendor.

Schema Group Purchasing Organization
Key that determines which calculation schema (pricing procedure) is to be used in purchasing documents assigned to the relevant purchasing organization.

Schema Group
It allows to group together the purchasing organizations, which uses the same calculation schema.

Steps: -
1. Create Access sequence
2. Create condition types
3. Create pricing procedure or calculation schema
4. Link pricing procedure & access sequence to condition type
5. Create schema group for vendor
6. Create schema group for purchase organization
7. Assign schema group vendor-to-vendor master record in purchasing data view
8. Assign schema group purchase organization to our purchase organization
9. In inforecord purchase organization data enter condition types and pricing or calculation procedure

SPRO --> IMG-->MM-->PUR-->Conditions -->Define price determination Process
1. Define access sequence
2. Define Condition type
3. Define cal. Schema
4. Define schema group
o Schema group vendor
o Schema group purchasing group
5. Assignment of schema group to PUR org
6. Define schema determination à determine cal schema for standard PO.


Dee~Dee said...

Very Informative!
Really nice
Thank you

Anonymous said...

When a PO is created the condition type PBXX is populated in currency USD. How do I chnage this default currency appearing in USd to EUR?


riskrisk said...

hello sap friends,

i have some sap mm problems
1 material belong from 2 plants

1 plant up and another plant chennai
raw material taking from two plants.

this time cost we will see at purchase order

what r the setting

can u answe the question


SAP said...

More details you can find on SAP MM Book published by SAP Press

ARUP said...

Indeed very informative

Can we explain the details of configuring a condition type?

Anonymous said...

We are using the conditions that are time based. When a PO is created, it is getting the correct price that is valid during the validity time range. This is not the issue that I am facing.

Our EINE-NETPR is not getting updated with the current price. Only the initial creation of the info record has occurred.

My research has shown we need to run RM06INP0 to cause the sync of the EINE-NETPR to update with the current price.

My issue now is:
Is there any case that we would not want these to be in sync?

When our PO's are being created, the correct price for that material/article is being selected correctly from the conditions. When we do any querying though on the EINE-NETPR, we cannot guarantee the correct price is on the EINE-NETPR.

Does anyone know what else this program does besides syncing the EINE-NETPR and conditional valid price? OSS-Note updates, etc...

Thank you for your time.

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