RELEASE PROCEDURE / Release strategy
The main function of Release procedure is to determine the approval process
or the release process for the procurement of material & services, rather than
relying for manual signatures. The release procedure contains release strategy.
Release Strategy (RS)
A plan defining the release codes with which a purchase requisition item, a
complete purchase requisition, or a complete external purchasing document must
be released (that is, approved) and the sequence in which release is to be effected
using these codes. It is a unique set of conditions, sequence and level of release.
It is a 2 digit code e.g. S1, S2, S3etc.
The Release Strategy contains the following: -
• Release Group
• Release Codes
• Release Indicators
• Release Prerequisite
Release Group: -
It is a 2-digit code, which is assigned with a class (Class contains group of
characteristics). It contains one or more release strategies.
Release Codes: -
It is a 2digit code, which identifies the department or responsible person for
the approval process & release process.
E.g. AA - Manager
BB - Sr. Manager
CC - Vice President
DD - Managing Director
Release Indicator: -
It is a Code that represents the release status. If the proper approval
process is performed that the release Strategy has to be release if it is not
performed than the Release Strategy is blocked
R – Release
B – Blocked
Release Conditions: -
It determines the type of the release strategy
For e.g.\
• If the price ranges from 1 to 1000, It is approved by AA, BB, and CC
• If the ranges from1001 to 1lac then it is approved by AA, BB, CC, and DD
- 80 -
Release Prerequisite
It will informs the system which RS has to be take place in the PO CEKKO is
a communication structure where it displays the field names & field lengths to
create characteristics i.e. we maintain characteristics in customizing by selecting
the field names from this communication structure for all external documents.
CEBAN is used for the purchasing requisition.
Characteristics: -
1. Net value of PO --- GNETW (GSWRT for PR)
2. Plant --- WERKS
3. Purchasing organization -- EKORG
4. Purchasing Group --- EKGRP
5.Material group –MATKL

SPRO-->IMG--> MM--> Purchasing-->PO--> Release Procedure for PO
1. Edit Characteristics T Code CT04
2. Edit Class T Code CL02
3. Define Release Procedure for PO
4. Check Release Strategy
Edit Characteristics: -
Characteristics - e.g. NET VALUE OF VALUE
Click or Create Button
Under Basic Data
Description - Value for PO
Status - Release
Data Type - Currency Format
No. Of Characters - 15
Currency - EUR
Activate multiple values & Internal Values Allowed
Additional Data
Table name - CEKKO
Field Name - GNETW
Activate Additional Values
Save the document
Create another Characteristic for Plant: -
Plant, date, Create – Description, Status
Data Type Characteristic Format
Number of Characteristics 4
Activate Multiple Values
Additional data:-
Table Name: - CEKKO
Field Name: - WERKS
Activate Additional Values

For Purchasing Organization Name: - EKORG
For purchasing Group EKGRP
Edit Class
Class - SAPMM
Class Type - 032 Release Strategies
Click on Create button
Basic Data
Description - Class for PO
Status - Released
Valid From _____ Valid to _____
Click on Characteristic
Enter all the Characteristics Created & Save it
Define Release Procedure for PO:-
• Release Group
• Release Codes
• Release Indicators
• Release Strategies
• Workflow
Release Group: - New Entries, Release Group, Class, and Description
Press Enter & Save
Release Code: - New Entries
Group Codes Description
99 AA Manager
99 BB Sr. Manager
99 CC Vice President
99 DD Managing Director
Press Enter & Save
Release Indicator: - (B – Blocked, R - Release)
New Entries,
Release Indicators Description
B Blocked
R Released
Release Strategies: -
New Entries
Release Group 99
Release Strategy S1
Release Codes AA, BB, CC, and DD
Click on Release Prerequisites

Release Status: -

Enter the Value (Same Price)
Plant (9999)
Go Back & Save it
Release Simulation: - Simulate Release
Create a PO: -
There are two ways to release the PO
Individual releaseME28
Collective release ME29N
How to delete procedure?
Delete Release GP
Create Release RG
Delete R Strategies
Delete R Code
Delete R Group


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